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  • Rephrasing 103

    Anger beckons introspection first. And this is why it’s often advised to take a moment’s pause before responding, when you feel infuriated. Read more

  • Independence


    Independence in its purest form renders the fortitude to accept our ability to decide, our power to choose our thoughts, words and actions. Freedom offers the resilience to live through the consequences of our decisions and own our life events. Read more

  • Introspections


    The joy, the cruelty, the dismissal, the avoidance, the kindness, and everything in between is what nurtured us into the person we have consciously chosen to become today. Read more

  • Books in Retrospect #2

    Books in Retrospect #2

    In short, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is an invaluable guide for anyone seeking personal growth and a framework for achieving success with integrity and purpose. This book is definitely a go-to reference for those who are willing to take ownership of their own thoughts and actions, and foster collective progress amongst the… Read more

  • Reflexive Thematic Analysis

    Reflexive Thematic Analysis

    One of the most widely used approaches to qualitative data analysis in Social Science research is Reflexive Thematic Analysis (RTA). Developed by Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke as a variation of thematic analysis, RTA incorporates an explicit focus on the researcher’s reflexivity. Read more

  • #Grounded


    Read more

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