Modus Vivendi

A Lifestyle Blog

(un)Adulting Snippets

Because your mindset is the compass that sets the direction for your life’s journey.

The Mindset narratives include:

  • Insights – Learnings from books and people across time.
  • Introspections – Snippets from my own introspections into life events.
Pursuit of Purpose

Because your profession adds value to your contribution to the community; your career reflects your life’s purpose.

The Career talk revolves around:

  • CriminoLogistics – A Criminologist’s insights into human civilization.
  • The PhD Saga – A hint of awareness that I wish I had throughout my student life.
The HF Quotient

Because you are allowed to be enthusiastic and mindful of maintaining optimum health & fitness status.

The Fitness goals tell you to:

  • Nourish Thyself – About good food and nutritious drinks.
  • Work It Out – About the healthy happy highs of working out.
Sneak Peek Verses

Because a quick retreat to the world of fiction, and a random sneak peek into our own story, could be that extra sprinkling of dark chocolate over your freshly brewed coffee.

  • Figments of Imagination – That occassional work of fiction to accept the real world blues.
  • The Story – That occassional sneak peek into the creation “SassyWits.Live”.
Who Am I?

A Learner. A Lifestyle Blogger. A Criminologist. A Researcher.

Why “Li’l Ms. Sassy”?

“Li’l Ms. Sassy” is a pen name I took up in high school. I admit, it is a bit too jazzy for a sombre adult. However, it stands as a reminder of how and when and where and why I started writing. Hence, it stays as an anchor to my roots.

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