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  • Gender Equity #4

    Equity Begins At Home. Not as Charity though. As Rightful Mutual Respect. Read more

  • 30 at 30

    30 at 30

    And since I would not trade off my present self for any other, maybe I don’t get to complain either about everything leading up to this woman I am becoming in the thoughtful 30s. That would be unfair somehow, in my books. So, here’s sharing my list of “30 Life-Lessons at 30”. Read more

  • Own Thy Self

    You do not need to be perfect. No one is. You will never be perfect. But you will always be lovable, and acceptable. You are acceptable. That’s all I want you to know. Read more

  • 2023

    May we live through all life experiences with grace and resilience in the coming days 😇May we find kind moments of love and laughter 💕May we walk onto instances of envisioned success ✨Here’s to creating a happier, healthier and fulfilling 2023!🌻Sending love and best wishes from me and mine to you and yours!💜 Read more

  • #ConstitutionDayIndia

    The Constitution is as much Our Responsibility as Our Right. The background photo used in this visual is from Read more

  • #Men’sDay

    Read more

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