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  • A Decision

    A Decision

    The best we can do in any given interaction is to choose what we can rationalise to be the right thing to do with the known facts and patterns, and leave room to accept not knowing better as and when needed over due course of time. Read more

  • So, What’s Your Drug?

    So, What’s Your Drug?

    The underlying question in addiction is not “What” but “Why”. The question is not what are we addicted to. The question remains what are we trying to avoid, what are we running away from. Read more

  • Hear It Out!

    Taking someone’s advice is very different from simply giving it a thought. Read more

  • CJS Shorts #1

    CJS Shorts #1

    The objective of the correctional services is to enable a person to “walk away” from criminality and not necessarily to “walk back” from it. Read more

  • And India Heals

    It is often said that, “Work on Your Body because You Love It; Not because You Hate It.” The same stands true for nurturing India into the country we dream of living in: “Work for India’s glory because you love it at present too; and not because you despise its present but only love the… Read more

  • Courage – A Choice

    Courage seldom comes from Privilege. Courage CREATES Privilege. Courage comes from Integrity. Read more

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