Constantly checking in with the little version of me –
Wishing she is glad about who she has become,
Wishing she will be content with what she is yet to be.
Above all, wondering, how much the little woman already knew of the life thereafter!

A very warm welcome to the random rants of a chaotic mind!

Thank You for stopping by to read through!


To attain excellence in life is the highest high we all crave for. Excellence is a journey of a lifetime and through this blog, I wish to walk you through a young mind’s search for a content and purposeful life.


If experience and certificates measure expertise, then frankly, my expertise is in Public Speaking and not Writing. Yet, this is a great way to challenge myself and nurture yet another skillset. And, I am extremely grateful to you for helping me persevere through this new endeavour.


To create content that is comforting and assuring. Please feel free to let me know which category from the blog you find to be the most engaging read, and what you would want me to write about. I will do my best to keep your requests.

Be the Sunshine
  • Be the Sunshine in Somebody’s Life, not the one that scorches and burns, but the one that warms the soul and brings out the rainbow in the sky.
  • Most importantly, be Your own Sunshine. Be the warmth you seek and the light you look for.
Life’s Mantra

Integrity. Grace. Acceptance. Excellence.

~ Li’l Ms. Sassy
Coffee Tests
  • Stop. Stay. Take one moment to appreciate the rejuvenating whiff of unadulterated joy.
  • Caffeine Meditation, in moderation of course, could be life-saving.
  • If a shared cup of caffeine, or 2 maybe, doesn’t calm you down, you probably need to rethink the person(s) and not the situation itself.

Why I Blog?

Writing is cathartic. Writing heals. And reading connects people. Reading gives hope. Reading brings peace. This blog is my way of bringing like-minded people together and nurturing the spirit of collaboration over competition.

What Awaits?

“Of this I am certain;

Better things await”

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