Gender Equity #3

There’s Feminism.
Then there’s Opportunistic Feminism.

Pretty much like Opportunistic Empathy and Opportunistic Philanthropy.

Feminism is not the problem, and Feminists are not malicious.

As with every other social practice, a certain section of society comprised of crafty opportunists are.

And just like Patriarchy is not Men but a Blind Belief System; Opportunistic Feminism is not Women but a Poison in Response to a Poison, albeit a fatal one.

“Two Wrongs Never, Ever Make One Right.”

Not all men. Not all women.

Sensible Humans vs. Sly Opportunists it is.

That is what the gender war has come to now in a binary world.
Or maybe, this is how it always has been and we took way too much time to accept this reality.

~ Li’l Ms. Sassy

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