Scarry Affairs

Some believe that they are crippled by fear.

Others acknowledge that fear stifles them.

Yet others might admit being silenced by fear.

And a few shall choose to claim absolute victory over fear.

I know not why, I cannot perceive fear in any of these lights.

For one, I doubt the possibility of being absolutely fearless in the true sense of the term. When we declare that we aren’t scared of anything or anybody in the world, consciously or unconsciously we are as a matter of fact scared of being asked to prove our bravado!

And as for the gripping effects, let’s think over it. Is it fear itself or is it our disinclination towards accepting fear?

Fear crawls into our mind, often without the slightest instigation, and then occupies it to the extent of becoming an undesirable crucial element of our thoughts. We have our own list of scary affairs and this list is always subject to change – with time, with age, with compulsion, with knowledge and above all, with experience.

Strange as it might sound, fear itself wakes the strength to snuff it out. More often than not, of all the options that life presents to us, there are always a couple of choices that are common to our list of dreads. And it is these options that primarily steer us towards our final decision. Of course, if we are the more adventurous type, we shall pick one of these frightening alternatives in which case, we shall end up scrapping it off our fear list or reasoning out our limitations.

Either way, we will have taken a long stride forward.

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