Millenial Patriotism

Talking of Patriotism in terms of the country’s defence forces alone is delegating our own national call of duty to someone else, expecting somebody to be patriotic on our behalf. Nationalism is not a uniform; nor a designated job or status; neither a language nor a culture.

Patriotism is a sentiment to be lived with, not a royal cloak to be adorned on special occasions.

~ Li’l Ms. Sassy

Nationalism is a sentiment of dedicating our values, work and services for the betterment of every single life – plants, animals and humans – residing within the territorial integrity of the country we claim to be a national of in our Insta-worthy passports. Since a country is not merely a court of law but a social structure of the highest order, rights cannot be claimed. Rights need to be earned; with diligence, sincerity and compassion.

Our rights are also our responsibilities. Independence is a Responsibility, a Privilege, a Blessing; and yes, a (birth)Right too.

In this 76th year of India’s Independence, may we learn to draw the line between nationalism and jingoism, and may we also learn to set boundaries between global citizenship and xenocentricism.


As we unfurl the tricolour to celebrate these gallant 75 years of Independent India, may we religiously adopt strength, courage, faith and valour in assuring peace and trust amidst the national community.

Wishing Us a Proud Independence Day!

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