the Indian tricolour with the date of the 77th Independence Day of India

This week India celebrated the 77th Idependence Day of India in all its glory and pride. The 77th Independence Day marks 76 years of Freedom for India, for Indians. 76 years of healing and aspirations. 76 years of nurturing the spirit of patriotism for our nation. And reiterating from our previous post on Millenial Patriotism:

Patriotism is a sentiment to be lived with, not a royal cloak to be adorned on special occasions.


But then, patriotism too is a choice, a conscious decision. And that is why nationalism is so intrinsically intertwined with freedom. They say “the work we do on ourselves is the best gift we have to offer to others”. This stands especially true for what skills and intentions we offer to our nation.

The best present we get to offer our country is our most seasoned self. And for that we got to remind ourselves that this independence that our ancestors have earned through years of tormentuous war is a priceless responsibility. That responsibility is independence from living in dependence upon perceptions from a foreign mind and soul.

Freedom offers the resilience to live through the consequences of our decisions and own our life events. Independence in its purest form renders the fortitude to accept our ability to decide, our power to choose our thoughts, words and actions.

In my mind, we have only two obligations in life:

  1. To respect the law, and abide by the law every day of our lives.
  2. To accept the end of this life when the moment comes.

Besides, we live in such privileged times to showcase our nationalist ideals. All we need to do is be the best we can aspire to be in our respective profession and passion, and understand how our work contributes to the Indian community for the better. It’s really that simple.

This Independence Day let’s pledge to envision our work as an endeavour way bigger than our source of sustainance, our means of merely striving through the days on earth.

A Pledge: This native community that I am born into is a blessing and a privilege. The freedom I am born into is my utmost privilege. And it is my duty to transform this independence into a glorious, safe, inclusive, happy space for the times and generations to come. I cannot do it all and I don’t need to either, for I have faith in the ability of all my fellow citizens, as much as I have faith in myself. As I strengthen my core skills to enhance the Indian community, I believe and serve to nurture the ongoing spirit of collective progress and cheer on every other citizen in their own constructive endeavours.

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