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  • Soul-Search

    Whatever completely shatters you, also gives you the chance to take a good long look at each one of your broken pieces and choose how they emerge back together, or even what piece needs to go away and make space for some rejuvenating soul-searching. Yes, to be able to make peace with being destructed andContinue… Read more

  • Caring for a Caged Bird

    Caring for a Caged Bird

    You show it the dream you’ll never let it live, You tell it what it could be, You don’t tell it that you won’t let it be. Read more

  • The Relevance of Legalised Punishment

    The modern correctional administration works to provide an arrangement where those accused of crimes are monitored, punished and provided with help to not re-offend; with the goal of creating a more productive and less dangerous society. Read more

  • Criminology

    In practice thus, the novel approach of Criminology serves to uphold socio-legal integrity, which is the ultimate purpose of Justice. Read more

  • The Colours Of Love

    Love ends on the threshold of possession. Love accepts reality, and patronizes the best that life has to offer to the person as an individual, with or without you. Love thrives on the balance between care, concern and confidence in the other person’s trust in you to call them out for their impractical, irresponsible behaviour… Read more

  • Of Humane Rights

    Empathizing with this spirit of human rights is relevant since all is fair neither in love, nor in war. For there are times when we don’t know why it is that we love, if at all. For there are times when we don’t know wherefore, and/or against whom, we are at war. Read more

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