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  • Criminology

    In practice thus, the novel approach of Criminology serves to uphold socio-legal integrity, which is the ultimate purpose of Justice. Read more

  • The Colours Of Love

    Love ends on the threshold of possession. Love accepts reality, and patronizes the best that life has to offer to the person as an individual, with or without you. Love thrives on the balance between care, concern and confidence in the other person’s trust in you to call them out for their impractical, irresponsible behaviour… Read more

  • Of Humane Rights

    Empathizing with this spirit of human rights is relevant since all is fair neither in love, nor in war. For there are times when we don’t know why it is that we love, if at all. For there are times when we don’t know wherefore, and/or against whom, we are at war. Read more

  • Scarry Affairs

    Scarry Affairs

    And as for the gripping effects-lets think over of it: is it fear itself or is it our disinclination towards accepting fear? Read more

  • Masked-Unmasked


    Maybe I still, always will, need a mask. But I do not need to buy one now; for I’m no longer a child. Read more

Who Am I?

A human with a vision – a vision that is idealist at heart, realist in mind, bold in action.

Why “Li’l Ms. Sassy”?

“Li’l Ms. Sassy” is a pen name I took up in high school. I admit, it is a bit too jazzy for a sombre adult. However, it stands as a reminder of how and when and where and why I started writing. Hence, it stays as an anchor to my roots.

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