Me, Who?

A Deeper Dive For The Nerds: Published Perceptions

An existence that’s beautiful while it lasts; and when broken, revives from its very own shattered pieces.

A Human with a Vision – a Vision that is Idealist at Heart, Realist in Mind, Bold in Action

Zealous Learner

Mindful Content Creator

Culturally Cognizant

Health & Fitness Enthusiast

?Where To Be Found?

Well, you’ll find me lost in a book or amongst multiple random tabs on my browser; or on the window sill with a cup of strong, bitter and too-hot-to-handle coffee; or probably just wandering about seemingly overwhelmed by my own train of thoughts; or adding memories to the lives of the few I hold dear; or cherishing a forty-winks escape to dreams yet to be realized; or …

But mostly, for you, my readers, I’ll always be found right here, on

Welcome to this cluttered cove of stochastic thoughts!

Learner | Criminologist | Researcher | Blogger

Living with the incessant belief in viewing the world through a child’s kaleidoscope; with this fervent urge to view reality through my much prized, nurtured-with-great-efforts rationales.

A view that’s transparent yet tinted, brittle yet resistant.

An impertinent toddler stumbling her way across an aisle, blinded by the brightness in there. Striding one step forward only to be jostled three steps backwards, wishing I were a walking-talking skyrocket and life a rocket launcher – or maybe not!

Maybe, there is no hindsight in life, but mind-walking over the same grounds again might just open your eyes to a new treasure trove that you never even knew existed.

After all, what is life without hope and what is hope without resilience?

Interests & Pursuits

Research & Analysis
(Since Forever)
Pursuing a doctoral degree in Criminology.

Counselling & Coaching
(Recent Exploration)
Listening to as much, or as little, as you want to share. Assisting mental health professionals.

Public Speaking
(Pre-adolescence Onwards)
Well, someone’s got to say it!

(Introversion Induced People Engagement)
For times when silence is the only peace one yearns for.


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