Rephrasing 102

One of the most cliche assurances we are offered at the drop of a tear, at the sight of a frown, is –

“Whatever Happens, Happens for the Better.”

Darling Society

We all know from experience how annoying and frustrating that can sound on many an occasion.

So, here’s a li’l shift in perspective.

Here’s to understanding that we do not need to know how exactly the whole incident is ‘better’ for us.
Here’s to taking complete responsibility, despite not making sense of what ‘better’ reason for it to even have happened to us.
Here’s to accepting the incident, our flawsome selves, every expected/unexpected consequence, every bit of life, without turning complacent.

Here’s to taking back our power to recreate and nurture our life on our own terms.

Yes, it happens.
No, it doesn’t make you bitter.

Yes, it happens.
No, it doesn’t end your life.

Yes, it happens.
And HELL YES, it gives you every reason, every opportunity, and immense grit, to be your ideal self.

Thus, rephrasing one of the most cliche assurances often thrown around:

The ONLY person responsible for your (adult) life, is YOU!

And that, sweetheart, is Your Superpower!

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