The Colours Of Love

Well, accepting the challenge by a dear school friend of mine to write a post on idealizing romantic relations, titled “the Colours of Love”, here I write ~

It is love they say that blossoms amongst us. It is love they say that keeps us together. But, is it ever just love? Can love triumph all?

Personally, for me, love has always been overshadowed by respect, honesty, trust, understanding, care, happiness, and everything that I hold dearer than mere love.

In my mind, the splash of colours to this intent of love would include a shade of Blue, to begin with, since blue stands for depth and stability, besides symbolizing trust, understanding and loyalty, This would be followed by both Pink and Red; Pink to signify compassion, care and well-being and Red to suggest passion, radiance, sensuality and sensitivity. I would also throw in Yellow as a sign of sincere friendship; and Orange as well to depict warmth, happiness and respect. The background of this slush of colours in my imagination is undoubtedly White, signifying the quintessential backbone of absolute honesty, truthfulness and peace that every healthy relationship needs. And yes, I guess streaks of Black would also be welcome to highlight all the other colours; to normalise the necessity of difficult uncomfortable conversations in a relationship when the two persons involved are truly and dedicatedly committed to growing together, without compromising on their respective individualities.

Respect is the Highest form of Love;
Honesty is the Utmost form of Resect

Of course, at 19, these starry-eyed hopelessly romantic lines were written with the idealism of fiction-perfect out of the world human characters in mind. With age and experience, an understanding seeps in that our expectations across all relationships have significant overlaps and all of that is very much guided by our comprehension of love, romantic or platonic. Most significantly, our sense of self-worth and our self-actualization goes a long way in setting the tone of every other relationship we nurture in life.

The relationship you develop with yourself is the foundation of the relationship you have with everyone else you hold dear in your life, especially the romantic relationship you choose for yourself.

Deciding on a romantic venture probably begins with what you get to offer to the equation, no strings attached. Love ends on the threshold of possession; Love expires at the brink of ownership. Love accepts reality, and patronizes the best that life has to offer to the person as an individual, with or without you.

Love thrives on the balance between care, concern and confidence in the other person’s trust in you to call them out for their impractical, irresponsible behaviour in the most respectful way possible.

Love never manipulates. Love never obliges you to do anything that you are unsure of. Loves make you a more sensible person. Love takes you closer to your ideal self. Love does not mock you or tear you down. Love does not blame you for unwelcome situations in life. Love makes you responsible. Love acknowledges imperfections and finds a way through adversities in life, without hurting humane sentiments. Love heals. Love nurtures mutual respect and selfless acceptance.

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