Simplicity is Elegance

Surprisingly, a moment’s baseless presumption, a second’s unnecessary self-created story, can complicate things to such unrealistic levels – It’s sad and hilarious at the same time!

Our thoughts, the relationships we share with people, situations we associate with, our life goals, everyday tasks, our aspirations of being the ideal version of our own selves – It takes immense effort to keep it all simple.


Because, simplicity calls for transparency, for honesty. And that takes courage.

Shallow interactions, a smart play of words, people-pleasing – it’s all so much easier in the moment and yet so vividly the more complicated path in the long run.

We all choose our own difficult, and we all choose our own peace.

For some, that peace looks all tangled and clouded with stories they prefer to tell themselves, over and above what can be seen and heard in real-time.

For some, that consciously chosen peace looks beyond the fog of presumptuous tales, onto observable facts and lived experiences.

Simplicity is elegance. Simplicity is a choice. Simplicity is courage.

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