Nobody owes you their tears.

Nobody owes you their suffering.

If anyone decides to speak out about a part of their life they wish never happened,

If anyone finds the voice to share their personal experiences,

For the sole purpose of making you aware of a certain group or individual,

For the sole purpose of putting out a public notice of who or what you should beware of so as to have a safer and happier life,

That is all they ever owe you.

That is all they shall ever owe to the world.

Understand the reality that nobody absolutely has to do anything,

Every single person has a choice.

When someone chooses to state hushed up, uncomfortable, too difficult to fathom, sheer facts;

The least we can do is let them be.

It’s okay to not be understanding,

Or accepting,

Or respectful even.

But at least, let them be.

That should be enough.

Quite enough.

~ Li’l Ms. Sassy

Published by SassyWits

A Chaotic Mind. A Trenchant Voice.

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