Go With the Flow (or DON’T)

What purpose does it serve anyway to just “go with the flow”?

Why not aspire to function from a place where you know your “Why” and then decide on the “What”, and consequently, accommodate the “How” based on life circumstances?

Attune to Your Reasons

Why just thoughtlessly go with the flow?

What if you stop, see, learn, steer, re-assess, change course, and repeat all over as many times as needed? What when you choose to create your own way upstream?

Where would that take you?

No one knows, of course! And no one could possibly know for sure.

Yet, at every moment of this uncertainty, you’d come home to yourself for you would have remained true to your non-negotiables in life. And what can possibly matter more than being accountable to your own maxims?

Go with the flow only when it makes sense to you. Steer yourself onto a distinct course and leave behind your own trail otherwise.

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