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Insight From: Amy Landino [@schmittastic]

Some time back, on one of the AmyTV episodes, I heard the amazing Amy Landino rephrase the much-hyped productivity saga as:

“Chuck Productivity! Be Present; Be Particular; Be Proactive.”

And, that makes so much more sense to me than the mere “Be Productive” slogan, that I added it to a sticky note reminder on the wall in front of my desk since.

So, here’s sharing my own comprehension of this nugget of wisdom from Amy.


N.B.: You, Amy, have inspired me and taught me soooooo much about work-life and work and life! You sure are on my personal board of directors (I know that you know what I mean)! I can not thank you enough! Love and Bestest Wishes to You and Yours, Always!

P.S.: Just in case, you have not yet discovered this treasure trove of inspiration to “Go After the Life YOU Want”, please visit

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