So, what calls for social celebrations?

Culturally, everything we celebrate, socially celebrate with much vigour and glamour, are in fact extremely personal events from our lives, such as relationships and marriages and children.

My relationship status has got nothing to do with what or how much I contribute to any substantial good in the society.

Instead, if anything really does decide my abilities to make worthy social contributions, it is my knowledge, my job profile or a degree or an added certificate or an interesting, mindful hobby even.

Most importantly, the largest influencing factor of my social worth is who I decide to become as a person.

Sadly, such amazing parts of our very identities are not socially celebrated at all.

These major events in our lives and root sources of our worldly contributions are kept so closed up only within the family and a carefully chosen friend circle; almost as if it is shame and not an achievement in itself.

Why, though?

Celebrate your work.

Celebrate your hobby.

Celebrate your quiet time.

Celebrate your vivid introspections, your mindful reflections.

Celebrate your learning, your knowledge.

Celebrate what you offer to the world.

Celebrate You!

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