Just the Right Shade,

Just the Appealing Stature,

Just the Precise Sharpness of the Features,

The Social Cast for the God-sent.

You don’t feel bad about being body shamed because it makes you conscious about your body.

You feel terrible because you start thinking that you are not good enough to be accepted.

You feel let down because it tells you, “If you want to be taken seriously, if you want to be appreciated for your work, look a certain way and wear something communally appealing! Conform to certain set social standards of looks and attractiveness for your respective gender group first, and then we’ll give a thought to your existence!”

Your credibility, your integrity, your knowledge – none of that, absolutely nothing else matters, but your looks.

And that feeling can be devastating.

What happens if I burn this body?

Will my thoughts find acceptance then?

Will my work find its rightful place?

Will the soul find a home when this body is burnt?

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