Coffee for the Heart?

So I watch Chef Ranveer Brar question, “Cooking is my Cardio, What’s Yours?” wonder “That’s quite the question. Which non-workout activity helps heal my heart?

Yeah, I know he must have meant it in a kind of work-fulfilment-passion tangent of thought. But then, personally, creating the mindspace to give my all at work is the starting point for me. Hence.

  1. Stop. Stay. Take one moment to appreciate the rejuvenating whiff of unadulterated joy.
  2. Caffeine Meditation, in moderation, of course, could be life-saving.
  3. If a shared cup of caffeine, or 2 maybe, doesn’t calm you down, you probably need to rethink the person(s) and not the situation itself.

This post is inspired by Chef Ranveer Brar’s Community post reading, “Cooking is my Cardio. What’s Yours?” []

N.B.: No claims are being made about coffee being good for your heart, except of course, for making you feel assured with a warm hug in a cup for your soul.

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