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Tracing the Evolution of SassyWits.Live

Flashback to 2010: Back in high school, a couple of us started our own blogs on BlogSpot simply because it was a cool hobby to explore. And then, like everything that we start only to “follow the trend”, that blog page of mine died a slow death. However, the few encouraging comments and reviews kept the interest alive and maybe, once a year, I managed to publish a blog post. And of course, daydream a lot about being a blogger.

Disclaimer: The “Blog” folder on my laptop kept seeing new additions every few days, but hardly any of those writings made it to the public space.

Introspection: I didn’t think they were good enough. No. Wait. Actually, I thought they were just good enough; not exceptional, and definitely not perfect. So, the much-treasured folder on my hard disk is where the writings belonged. And yes, I am still a Recovering Perfectionist and an Evolving Good-Enoughist.

Fast-forward to 2017: Once again, I picked up this occasional hobby and worked to make it a more regular one, simply because the newly discovered WordPress site and the consequently amazing scope of having your own blog had me hooked; only to fall off the wagon once again, shortly afterwards.

Disclaimer: Yes, it takes serious introspections and a hell lot of efforts to break this pattern of finding that innate purpose of your life and yet, failing to design your lifestyle around it.

Introspection: It is freaking difficult. It is annoyingly never-ending. It is so completely and undoubtedly worth it.

Fast Fast-forward to 2020: And this neglected blog space turned out to be my saviour! And the guardian spirit knows, that is not an exaggeration.

Being catapulted to one of the deepest trenches in the ocean of the saga of life, like anyone who’s ever been there or worse would tell you, I desperately needed to scream through the racing mind maze of emotional turmoil and complete daze of my rational capacities. And because I belong to the more privileged section of people in the pandemic-hit world; and since our University has almost parented us this whole time, taking care of every basic need and the extra safety and hygiene measures, including our vaccination even; I had all the mind-space and leisure to introspect.

And introspect I did.

A lot. 



And, Honestly. 

I went on a complete life audit, and a thorough personal behavioural audit, this 2020-2021.

~ Yours sincerely

The days and months of introspections, family support, therapeutic friendships, comforting pawsome company, besides of course the professional counselling sessions, and the myriad amazing content available out there only for us to adsorb and customize for our own life purposes – everything moulded into this urge to share the solace of this learning, to share the spirit of resilience, to share the power of grit. Most importantly though, one of the greatest blessings of these times has been this intense realization that it is supremely important to break the silence shrouding the unfairness in the world. And this initiative to shatter the silence is so absolutely crucial to becoming a stern, steady, rational voice for the right cause, for all the justified reasons; not with the slightest hope of changing the unfair, unjust status quo, but only with the assurance of having fulfilled the sheer humane duty of doing what needs to be done, of doing the right thing.

And, thus, as the impressionable thoughts of this young mind grow into a bold voice reflecting a wise lifestyle, the December 2010 born adults into in January 2022.

SassyWits.Live stands as a firm voice against inequity, all in the spark of tiny lifestyle tweaks. This safe space aspires to amplify general awareness about life situations and social practices as objectively as is humanly possible.

SassyWits.Live is bold enough to break every malevolent stereotype, and at the same time, wise enough to uphold every cultural norm that serves the purpose of collective progress in human society.

SassyWits is the Change we Demand from the World, the Change that I dare hope to see in this lifetime.

~ In Sincere Earnesty

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