World Day for International Justice ’22

Silence aids Injustice.
Not Doing Anything at All patronizes Injustice.

Yes, it is absolutely crucial to wait, observe, and learn.
And then it is that much more crucial to actually take action, to break the silence, to stand against the status quo, or even with it for all it’s worth!

Justice is ensured by Action.
And, sometimes with Just the Needed-Yet-Often-Silenced Difficult Words Too.


Simply knowing right from wrong does absolutely no good in the world when we refuse to act upon that same realization. This is, of course, not to say that we do right by principle at all times in all situations. I know I don’t. Not always. I have faltered way too many times in life, and in all probability, I will err in the future too. The commitment here is to be aware of the non-negotiables and steer yourself back to the core code of just and respectable human conduct as many times as needed throughout life.

This World Day for International Justice, may we acknowledge the journey of every justice professional, and victims and survivors alike with the deepest gratitude and utmost respect. May we also commit to act towards an increasingly just and inclusive global community.

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