The Advent of Terror in India

The initialization of authority over marked fragments of land on earth saw the human race striving to prove its worth in terms of acquisition, of land as well as of human tribes. “Governance” was not realized as the most responsible social service; but as a mere declaration of mindless, careless, absolute, unquestionable authority. Becoming a soldier to be feared for generations to come got glorified as the ultimate purpose of life; and winning wars, if there is any such thing, became the pinnacle of lifetime achievements. The idea of ceaseless acquisition and domination over “other” communities, the concept of sacred, superior bloodline and outcast, inferior heredity got so deeply ingrained within the human race that human life got demarcated into simply two possibilities, the oppressors and the oppressed. In other words, the world lost to the colonization era called for a noise that could be heard over the gun shots and sword clashes – the silence of sheer terror.

How can an entire country of people be awakened to their own misery? How can someone be pulled out of their conditioned belief in fate into a reality of their own rights and choices? How is one supposed to ignite the spark of self-assurance amongst the citizens of a nation who have surrendered their better judgements to learnt xenophilia?

Extreme acts of xenophobia and exploitation of natural and human resources by self-declared governing authorities left little choice for natives to claim what is rightfully theirs – their human dignity and identity. Revolting against a ruthless ruler found sense in the years of mortification of the native civilization. Thus, inciting utmost terror in the hearts of the rulers and their blind supporters saw its advent in India when all else failed to confer Indian citizens their rightful place in the social power play of the very territory they were born in.

“One Man’s Terrorist, is Another’s Freedom Fighter”


“Not Any More”


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