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!!Introducing Free Printables from SassyWits!!

Planners make life simple. No questions asked!

And pretty planners are quite the vibe, yet staring at a blank page trying to decide whether we invest our time in beautifying the planner or in simply enlisting the important task list and getting to work dampens the spirit. You almost feel like the mind knows the latter is wiser but the heart also wants the first? I feel you!

Here’s a Set of (undated) Weekly Planners for You!

We, at SassyWits, believe in stealing away little moments in the day to breathe, stretch, smile, and simply be.

An overwhelming to-do list is the first step in scaring yourself away from even ticking off that first important task from your ever-growing task list.

What if we aim to simply hit a sixer every day?

Why not write down the SIX Absolute Must-Dos of the day and give yourself grace for prioritising through life thoughtfully enough?


Sometimes you need a planner that’s pretty but not all jazzed up, right? When you want a minimalistic planner with a bit of sparkle and just a hint of colour splashed over it, the Minimalist Weekly Planner is yours to take.

Festive Winter

With the weather calling you for a pleasant walk outside and the festivities satiating your sweet-savoury cravings, there is something absolutely adorable and warm about winters, isn’t it? For the lovely winter feels and everything chocolaty in life, this Festive Winter Weekly Planner is yours to keep.

Citrus Reset

Being your own sunshine seems quite a challenge in the sweltering heat. What better than some natural energy boosters to preserve all that spring zest throughout the year? Every week is your chance to hit reset, appreciate yourself for making it through, and continue on your path to creating a content life for yourself with this Citrus Reset Weekly Planner.


Cozying up in a blanket with coffee and journals is probably the most comforting moment of assurance to plan your life and introspect on how you want to celebrate your purposeful living on earth. If cherishing your deep thoughts in solitude is your vibe, then the Cozy Weekly Planner is meant for you.


This one’s for the pawsome people out there! Use it as your own cute weekly planner or to keep track of your baby dog’s weekly treats and tricks. For all the dog parents in this community, the pawsome weekly planner is yours to treasure.

Incorporating the Eisenhower matrix of task management in a planner, this simplistic and intentional weekly spread is sure to keep you dedicatedly productive. The sincere geeks in this community can now efficiently prioritise their task list with the Classic Weekly Planner, printable in Cyan, Pink and Black.

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